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We help changemakers in government, business, and nonprofits harness data, good ideas, and money to make a meaningful and lasting social impact.


What we do

Philanthropic adviser and nonprofit strategist dedicated to building a Canada of shared prosperity and growth.

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performance analysis

We work with analytics using both internal and external datasets, optimizing marketing, analyzing feasibility of new ventures, and helping scale social enterprises using data

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fee models

Help determine optimal pricing strategies to maximize social impact. We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, and corporations trying to integrating pricing with corporate social responsibility.

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research & benchmarking

We collaborate with clients to measure and report on social trends and strategies for community impact. Our work helps nonprofits, companies, and governments advance real-world solutions.



Steve has deep experience in strategy and insights. He has worked in analytics, research, and marketing and sales roles in the charitable sector and has senior pricing and analytics roles in the for-profit sector.

In his role leading pricing for Tim Hortons, he managed pricing strategies for billions of dollars of annual revenue, at the YMCA of Greater Toronto he managed marketing and sales strategy for 10,000s of Health and Fitness members, and he also has experience as a senior researcher for Imagine Canada where he has authored numerous publications on social impact and revenue strategies for nonprofits.

Most recently he led the research and writing of Toronto’s Vital Signs report for the Toronto Foundation.


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